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Learn about our disinfection process in rooms to mitigate COVID-19

At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we care about the safety and well-being of all our clients, who even at this time, are taking maximum care after the spread of the Covid-19. For this reason, we have doubled our process of maximum disinfection and cleaning in all the rooms and suites of the hotel, to guarantee greater tranquility and care.

Similarly, we are taking care of the health and safety of all our collaborators in the housekeeping area, who are in first hand contact with our clients and objects in the room. Next, we will explain how we have reinforced this process of cleaning rooms.

Checking the condition of rooms and suites

We carry out a review of the state of rooms and suites frequently to verify if all the property, accessories, bathrooms are in good condition. Likewise, we review the ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of each space in the rooms, accrediting them as suitable for all clients.
This process helps us guarantee the quality of our rooms, and provide the customer with the best experience in our facilities. 

Duplicate cleaning in every environment

We have always stood out for providing quality environments and above all maintaining cleanliness. But in Covid-19 times, we have doubled our efforts, and our housekeeping team has been trained to maintain a proper method of disinfection in rooms, bathrooms, and internal spaces.

Check the amenities and accessories that will be given to customers

Why do we check the amenities and accessories? It is our responsibility to take care of the safety and health of our clients, we check that the amenities comply with the quality standards, which complement the good customer experience, but most importantly, it is to review the state of hygiene of these products.

Therefore, we maintain a thorough cleaning of bathroom accessories, floors, surfaces, furniture, white line and handling elements such as TV controls and heating. In addition, we have avoided keeping carpets and stationery inside the facilities, since these objects can be a source of bacteria.

In addition, our housekeeping team maintains a cleaning schedule for rooms. Therefore, if the client is inside the room, the corresponding distance will be maintained. As for the protection of our staff, they will wear a protective romper, gloves, masks that will help them maintain better security for both the client and collaborator.

Know the situation of each client before entering the hotel

We want to take care of all our clients 100%. Therefore, we have available a method that will allow us to know any antecedent and / or suspected contagion. For this reason, we will be evaluating all our guests so that they can feel safe in our facilities and enjoy a pleasant experience.

At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we are happy to continue working to provide you with the best hospitality service. For this reason, we have implemented and reinforced our hygiene, cleaning and disinfection measures in each environment. If you are looking for accommodation, event rooms, among others, contact us.


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Learn about our disinfection process in rooms to mitigate COVID-19

At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we take care of the well-being and health of all our clients. Therefore, we have doubled our disinfection and cleaning process in rooms.

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At  Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we comply with the highest security and cleaning protocols to take care of our guests and collaborators of COVID-19.

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