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How do we protect our guests and collaborators from the coronavirus?

protect coronavirus hotel

Many businesses have been affected after the pandemic caused by COVID-19, including the hotel industry, which temporarily stopped their services. However, with Phase 2 of the economic revival implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the new protocol has been developed to protect all our guests and collaborators from the coronavirus.

For this reason, Delfines Hotel & Convention Center concerned about the safety and health of all our guests and collaborators, we have implemented this new protocol that seeks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in all our facilities. Below, we detail how we are working to provide you with more protection.


Usually, the reception at the hotel was a warm welcome process for the client. However, this step has had to be modified for the care of each client and collaborator. Therefore, we have opted for the following sanitary measures:

For our guests, we have coupled our disinfection process. For example, when entering our facilities, the temperature measurement will be taken, disinfection of shoes and suitcases, alcohol will be sprayed on the client's clothes and we will offer them gel alcohol for their personal use 

For our collaborators, we will maintain the same disinfection process for shoes, clothing, and the temperature will be taken. Likewise, collaborators will be provided with safety materials such as masks, gloves, and the use of a mameluke will be implemented in the housekeeping area.

How will you be served at reception?

Our hotel registration processes will be faster because we have enabled our registration system from our website. When the guest enters the reception module, it will be important to maintain adequate distance. On the other hand, our receptionists will have emergency numbers, in the event of any suspicious case being detected within the facilities.

Being a focus of concentration, the cleaning in the reception modules has been doubled, to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that may have contact between the people involved. In addition, alcohol dispensers will be located to maintain the highest protocols.


The cleaning of the common spaces and rooms has been doubled. Like many of our guests, we want to take care of each other's health. Therefore, we have implemented the following actions:

  • Implementation of a schedule: This action will help the staff to know the disinfection schedules by area and/or floor. Likewise, a document on the sanitation practices of the suppliers has been prepared.

  • Use of safety materials: All our collaborators will have to use their respective work clothes, adding the use of masks, gloves, and a mameluke. In addition, both our guests and staff maintain distance by following the guidelines established by our company.



To improve your stay at the hotel, we have chosen to make some changes, such as those detailed below:

  • Constant disinfection of the floor.

  • The use of decorations has been modified and simplified to disinfect the areas easily and simply. 

  • Being a large space, it has been chosen to maintain good ventilation throughout the area.

  • People who enter this space will have to maintain distance. There will be posters to remind you of this message.

Elevators, stairs and passages

For the correct use of these common areas, it will be necessary for all our guests to take precaution and abide by the actions implemented for their health care. For this, the following measures are being carried out:

  • Disinfection on elevator floors, stair rails and walkway floors. 
  • In the case of the passageways, posters with messages to keep the space clear have been implemented.


Just as measures have been implemented in common spaces, it is also important to know the measures in all areas of Housekeeping. These are: laundry, rooms and suites.

Rooms and suites

  • The cleaning of the rooms and suites has been doubled, giving greater disinfection in each space such as bathrooms, living room, balconies, among others.

  • The guest will be able to review each implement received and that it is in good condition.

  • It will be essential that there is a distance from the guest when our housekeeping staff performs the disinfection.

  • In rooms with carpets, they have been chosen to remove them because it would be a focus of bacteria.


  • Before sending clothes to the laundry, it will be important that the guest and / or collaborator can make a report if they have any suspicion of contagion.

  • The clothes of our guests will be washed independently, to avoid the risk of contagion.

  • At the time of delivery and receipt of garments, it will be necessary to take the distance.


We know that our team is essential to help you have the best quality service within our facilities. For this reason, we have carried out frequent trainings to all our personnel, and each one can know the schedule that allows for a better organization.

We have implemented every element that can take care of and ensure the well-being of all our clients. At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we still continue to maintain the quality of our service and we are always committed to you. We are ready to assist you. Contact us to inquire about our accommodations, function rooms, and more.

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