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Know the best 10 dishes of creole food

peruvian food

Peruvian gastronomy has captivated thousands of palates with its exquisite flavor and quality of products. You can find a wide range of creole food dishes, which are unmissable when you visit Peru. At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we show off the best creole food dishes in July, the month of Independence of our country. Here, we tell you all the variety of the creole buffet.


Ceviche is one of the flagship dishes and the most internationally recognized. It is made from fish and is accompanied by onion, sweet potato and corn. In Latin America, there are different variations, but without a doubt, the Peruvian ceviche is the most popular in the region. A delicacy that you must try. 

Causa rellena

In Peru, there are more than 3,500 potato variations, which makes us a country rich in this tuber. For this reason, Peruvian cuisine boasts this delicious dish of creole food. In fact, its name refers to the “cause” that thousands of Peruvians had to fight to be free. It is made from potatoes, and with a filling of tina, chicken, or vegetables, according to your choice. 

Papa a la Huancaína

Another well-known dish from our creole buffet is papa a la huancaina. This dish has its origins in Huancayo, a region in southern Peru. For its preparation, milk, crackers, cheese and yellow pepper, the main ingredient, are used. Also, you can go with yellow potatoes, decorated with lettuce, olive and egg slices.

Ají de gallina

The Ají de gallina is one of the best delicacies in Peruvian cuisine. de los mejores manjares de la gastronomía peruana. Its pleasant flavor captivates the palates of the most demanding diners. This traditional Creole buffet dish consists of a thick cream made from minced chicken or hen, yellow pepper, bread and broth. It is accompanied by rice, potatoes, olives, pieces of egg and lettuce. Without a doubt, you cannot pass up the opportunity to enjoy this Creole food.


The anticuchos are by tradition one of the best-known dishes in Peruvian gastronomy. They are made from beef heart, and are placed on cane sticks. Its delicious flavor is due to the fact that they are seasoned with the best Peruvian ingredients such as ají panca. Normally, they are usually served with parboiled potatoes, corn and, if it is to your liking, accompanied with chili.

Papa rellena

Another dish that shows off the Peruvian potato. As its name implies, it is filled with ground meat, onion, olive, egg, and more ingredients that give it an original touch. Normally, it is one of the most consumed dishes in different restaurants in Lima.

Seco con frijoles

The following dish is one of the best of creole food. The preparation of beans, in the Peruvian style, makes it have a pleasant and delicious flavor to any palate. In addition, the kid is prepared, with chicha de jora, loche, a popular Peruvian ingredient, and coriander. It can be accompanied by a delicious and spicy creole sauce, special for all tastes.

Lomo saltado

Lomo Saltado is one of the dishes that blends Peruvian and Oriental gastronomy. It is very popular and ideal for any time, since its exquisite flavor makes many people fall in love. It is made from small pieces of meat, onion, tomato, and potato chips. It is accompanied by traditional rice. Without a doubt, a banquet that will be the most consumed during the National Holidays of Peru.

Arroz con pollo

Arroz con pollo is the best accompaniment to the Papa a la Huancaína. It is usually served as a main dish in lunches. The great variety of ingredients allows the rice to have a green color, thanks to the parsley, spinach and basil. In addition, it is cooked with carrots cut into cubes, and chicken. This is a traditional Lima dish.


We could not finish our list of best dishes from the creole buffet without mentioning the picarones. This is one of the desserts and dishes from Lima, which makes all Peruvians fall in love, even foreigners. They are very crispy and are accompanied by honey. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Peruvian desserts.

In July, we celebrate the National Holidays in Peru, and we cannot pass up our best dishes of Creole food. At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, you can enjoy each Creole banquet at our next reopening of our exclusive restaurants such as Delphos Bistró. Contact us for more information.


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