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Find out which are the 10 most exclusive coffee shops in Lima

cafeterías en Lima

Until before the pandemic, many people could enjoy the best types of Peruvian coffee in different coffee shops in Lima. This is because in recent years, the boom in coffee shops in Lima has been increasing since Peruvian coffee has become very popular in different parts of the world for its exquisite flavor and original aroma. Therefore, if you want to know the best of Lima, we recommend 10 exclusive coffee shops in Lima.

Peru Cocoa
To start our top 10 of the best coffee shops in Lima, we started with Peru Cacao Cafeteria, one of the best places to try the best cocoa in Peru. While visiting some tourist attractions in Lima such as the Plaza de Armas or the Convent of San Francisco, you can take a moment of relaxation in Peru Cacao and try its finest selection of coffees made by the best coffee beans in our country.

Puku Puku
Having a coffee at ‘Puku Puku’ in the company of friends and family has a deeper and more emotional meaning. The purpose of this café is not only to provide the best coffee in the world, but also to offer a quiet and 'hidden' space on the main avenues of Lima. In addition, they are promoting the care of the environment, since they use reused and recycled materials and equipment.

Colonia & Co
Many people are fascinated by trying Peruvian coffee. This was the case of Jackie Becker, the owner of Colonia & Co, who decided to stay in Peru, and establish her own cafeteria in a quiet and cozy place located in the heart of Barranco. Here, you will be able to find the best freshly roasted coffee with the best beans brought from southern Peru.

Neira Café Lab
At Neira Café Lab, you can find the best baristas in Peru who have participated in different Barista championships. During your visit to the most popular places in Miraflores such as the Larcomar Shopping Center or the Miraflores Malecon, you can take a break in this cafeteria that offers you the best coffee beans brought from Piura.

Ágora Café and Art
They are called the ‘Coffee Lovers’ and you can notice it from the first moment you enter the premises. The owners of this cafeteria are Venezuelans, but they fell in love with Chanchamayo coffee, one of the places with the highest coffee production in Peru. You have nothing to send to the ‘Haiti’ cafeteria or Starbucks itself, since they have the recipe to give you tranquility and the most exquisite flavor of Peruvian coffee.

Sanis Bar
At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we have the best space to relax and have the best coffee: the exclusive Sanis Bar. We offer you a warm atmosphere, with a gourmet style so that you not only order coffee, but you can also have the most select ones cocktails. In addition, it offers specialty coffees, which will allow you to enjoy different preparations of Peruvian coffee.

If you are visiting the Mario Testino Museum in Barranco, you can enjoy the best coffee with an original flavor. Compared to other coffee shops, this one teaches workshops and classes to prepare the best coffee. In addition, it is an organic space, and you can enjoy good care and the best talks with your friends.

Haiti Coffee
Without a doubt, if we talk about the most historic coffee shops in Lima, Haiti should be, located in the heart of Miraflores. Haiti is one of the best restaurants and cafeterias that we can find in Lima, and it has remained in this area as it has been adapting to new challenges. It will be a unique experience when you enjoy a cheerful and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Green Winery
If what you are looking for is a quiet place and very hidden from the chaos of the city of Lima, you can go to the Bodega Verde and enjoy an exquisite freshly prepared coffee. The best thing is that you can rest under the shade of trees, since this place has a small garden, where you can enjoy your coffee without haste. It is located in Barranco and the best thing is that you can come with children and pets.

Origin Coffee Roasters
Finally, we have Origen Roasters of Coffee in our Top 10. Here, you can enjoy the best coffee in southern and central Peru. It has different stores located in central areas such as Surquillo, Pueblo Libre and Magdalena. It works with specialized methods and products that will guarantee the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Despite the moments that we all have to live through the pandemic, we have highlighted the best coffee shops that have taken a place within the palates of "coffee lovers" and that, even from their homes, you can enjoy a pleasant taste of Peruvian coffee.

At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, one of the best 5-star hotels in Lima, we have Sanis Bar, the best environment to enjoy the best coffee in Lima. Soon you will be able to enjoy a pleasant internship and comfort in our Sanis Bar. Just stay tuned for our news. Contact us for more details of our restaurants.

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