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What are the accommodation services offered by Hotel Los Delfines?


Choosing a 5-star hotel is as important to a guest as the accommodation service it offers. The quality of both factors allow visitors to feel at ease and enjoy a unique experience. At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we know that the quality of the service, the facilities, among other factors, will be important to you. Therefore, we tell you what our accommodation services are.

Exclusive rooms with the best quality of service

The luxury hotels in Lima classify their services so that the client has a range of options. For example, the services of a hotel like Los Delfines will be classified into rooms or suites. The rooms at Delfines Hotel & Convention Center are rated as the best, as they have excellent room service. We have the following rooms:

Superior room
There are many hotel deals that offer the best quality of service. For example, our Superior Room has a King size bed, or if you wish, we can suggest adding two beds. Typically, the space in this room ranges from 28m² (92ft) to 33m² (108ft)

Superior Plus Room
What differentiates a Superior Plus Room from the previous one? The value is more added, since it has a digital safe, wireless internet, one king or two beds, telephone lines, among other factors. Also, by booking this service, you can access the Executive Lounge, a warm place with the best snacks.

Executive room
Our Executive Room is ideal for people who travel for business and who only stay for a few days. In addition, it has the best room services such as wireless internet, smart TV, telephone lines with voicemail, among others. If necessary, you can access the Directory, a space for holding business meetings.

Suites with panoramic views

Other exclusive services that we offer to our clients are our suites that have panoramic views of the Lima Golf Club. Many of them vary according to the size of space, amenities, environments such as living room, among others. For this reason, we detail which suites we have at Delfines Hotel & Convention Center:

Junior Suite
The Junior Suite has a space of 46 m² (150 ft), and has a spacious room, a living room and a bathroom with all the first-class comforts. In addition, you can count on the best room services and enjoy a panoramic view of the Lima Golf Club.

Senior Suite
If you are thinking of your wedding or honeymoon night, the Senior Suite offers you the best space so that you can rest and spend your first married night. It has a spacious 65 m² (213 ft) room. It has a living room, a spacious bathroom with a Jacuzzi and all the first-class amenities.

Deluxe Suite
Now, if you want to have a more exclusive suite, we have our Deluxe Suite that has a space of 75 m² (246 ft). Having a large space, it has a living room, a room with a king bed, a luxurious marble bathroom, and the best room services.

Olympus Suite
Our Olimpo Suite is one of the most exclusive that Delfines Hotel & Convention Center has. It has a living room, kitchenette, a bathroom for visitors and another for personal use. In addition, the room has the furniture and accessories that will make the best days of accommodation.

The best room service

However, not only do we have the best rooms and suites to provide the best quality of service to each of our visitors. We know that you want to feel at home, and thinking about your needs, at Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we provide the following room service:

  • Wireless Internet

  • Smart TV with digital signal

  • Minibar

  • Coffee maker

  • Griddle

  • Professional hair dryer

  • Air conditioning and heating

  • Digital safe

  • Wide spaces of more than 46m2

  • Private balconies

  • Welcome amenity

The best facilities to guarantee your accommodation

There are some hotel offers that can offer you just one part of the services. However, there are so many clients that pursuit more requirements that will make your stay more enjoyable. In Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we have the best facilities, cause we think on you and your comfort. We have to remember that these facilities are offered by the clients. 

  • Barbershop

  • Spa

  • Access to the Executive Lounge

  • Pastry Service

  • Gym

  • Swimming pool

  • Laundry

  • Electric bikes

  • Shuttle Bus

  • Casino Slots

Are you looking for an exclusive accommodation service?

At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, one of the best 5-star hotels in Lima, we have the best accommodation service that offers you exclusive rooms and suites, room service and the best facilities to guarantee your stay. Contact us for more information.


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