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Types of events that you can carry out in luxury hotel salons

Actually, the pandemic has paralyzed many areas, including events. At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we used to have different types of events such as weddings, conferences, showers, among others. But, this sector is re-wrapping and preparing for next year, until the situation in which we live can have a better outlook. So, if you are thinking of holding a corporate or social event, here we give you a list of ideas of all the events that you can hold in one of the most exclusive hotels in Lima.

Organize different types of corporate events

Many companies, institutions and other entities are always at the forefront of holding corporate events with different approaches, either to promote a product, to carry out an agenda, or to communicate the company's key messages to different companies. Below, we detail the most outstanding events that have taken place at the Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center.

Congress, the ideal event to convey ideals

There are many Congresses in Lima that have taken place in recent months, and therefore, event organizers find it necessary to look for large auditoriums or halls that have the necessary capacity for all its participants. At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center we have large special rooms and auditoriums that will allow you to have a successful event.

Releases, the right time to show your audience the news

If you are looking for the Launch of your new product or service to be fully highlighted by all your guests, it is important that the environment and theme are adequate to provide the best experience and show the best face of your company. Therefore, a hotel is the ideal place for this type of event because it fits perfectly for the number of people. In addition, you can hire the hotel service to also organize the decoration according to the theme, the buffet, among other variants.

Conferences, the most common events in Lima

Normally, conferences are meetings that take many hours and even days, depending on the topic to be discussed. So, in many cases it includes offering our guests a coffee break, or snacks. Therefore, Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center offers you the staff to provide exclusive attention. 

Business anniversary

There are companies with a long history, who want to celebrate their years of experience together with their collaborators, managers and all the people who have been part of it. Therefore, they are looking for a very large space, where it can be carried out with different themes, and which can have a capacity for more than 500 people. At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we offer you the best event halls in Lima.

Enjoy the best types of social events

However, not all events are related to the corporate environment. There are different types of social events that can be celebrated at Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center and that can give you and your guests the best experience. Therefore, we detail you what are the most popular events you can do in a hotel. Although, remember that you can make different types that are not on the list.

Birthday party, the moment to celebrate your life journey

Can you imagine celebrating your birthday in an exclusive place? A 5-star luxury en Lima hotel provides everything you need to celebrate your birthday with the theme you want and with the most select snacks for your guests. In addition, we have the best personnel who can give you exclusive attention and provide support throughout the organization of the event.

Anniversary, the ideal event to revive love

Are you about to celebrate your 25 or 50 years of marriage? It is time to relive love and celebrate your anniversary with the people you love, friends and acquaintances. If you want, you can make this meeting private, but with great meaning for your partner. At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we offer you the best event halls in Lima.

Weddings, celebrate your dream marriage in the most exclusive wedding rooms

Are you organizing everything for your wedding? Do not worry. At Hotel Los Delfines we have the most exclusive wedding venues in Lima, which allows you to have a dream wedding. In addition, we organize the buffet of your preference, and we provide all the advice so that everything can be perfect on that special day.

Enjoy the best bachelor party

If you are already about to get married, it's important not to forget your bachelorette party, according to the way you want to organize it. We have the best environments such as our bars, restaurants or exclusive rooms for events in Lima.

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate different types of events in Lima, at Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, 5-star hotel in Lima, we have the best spacious and exclusive rooms for different events. Contact us to request and provide more information.


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