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Lima Anniversary: ​​things you might not know about the capital

The magnificent city of Lima is one of the most populated cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and this January more than 9 million people are celebrating its 485th anniversary. Lima was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18th, 1535.

Each city hides great mysteries and history, and Limais full of memorable events and curious facts in each of its streets that are worth visiting, as well as its emblematic places and culture so distinctive and appreciated by locals and tourists.

While the Asian population has moved to many cities in Latin America, Lima is now home to the largest Chinese community and the second largest Japanese community, which is not surprising considering the fusion that has taken place in the gastronomic sector, a strong reference of Peru's tourist attraction.

Also, the capital's multicultural excellence is due to the richness of its large Quechua-speaking population, which comes from different regions of Peru. Limahas the largest number of Quechua speakers, according to the Culture Ministry's Indigenous Languages Directorate.

Among other curious facts, Lima has the smallest church in the world. The Capilla del Puente is located in the Cercado de Lima, in the 2nd block of Jr. Trujillo. Likewise, the accent of the people of Lima is known as Peruvian riverside Spanish, characterized by the lack of strong intonations and very similar to the historical Spanish spoken in Castile, Spain.

Lima is also known for having emblematic places that hold great stories, worthy of magical experiences in any tour. One of the busiest streets is Jirón de la Unión, also called Damero de Pizarro (Pizarro's Checkerboard), where the most distinguished personalities of Lima's culturehave gathered.

One of the most important places that nowadays remains intact is the Central Post Office, which was built in 1897, and its architecture follows the French style of the time. It is an incredible place to take pictures, and you can acquire some of the oldest stamps in Lima or buy some other souvenirs.

Likewise, La Alameda de los Descalzos was created in 1611 and rebuilt in 1770 by Viceroy Manuel Amat. It consists of a large public garden and is considered, to this day, one of the most important public spaces in the city.

Other wonderful places to visit are the Government Palace, located in the Plaza Mayor of Lima, also the Plaza Bolognesi or the Presbítero Maestro Cemetery, all of them have historical monuments, incredible architecture and artistic beauties.

Creole music is also an important part of Lima's anniversary. This year, the Instituto Británico joins the celebrations by presenting great artists in the different venues it has around the capital. The celebration is not complete without the wonderful Peruvian cuisine, and these days you can find all the traditional dishes in every corner to celebrate in a big way. 

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