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What will weddings look like with new security measures after the pandemic?

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At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, , we used to hold weddings every week, and celebrate the bride and groom together. However, this had to stop after a health emergency was decreed across the country. Now, weddings in Covid-19 times have taken a new direction. In fact, they have had to reinvent themselves to celebrate in a special and unique way. 

Many specialists have indicated that couples who had to postpone their wedding will have to adjust their plans so that they can take care of them, all their guests, and the staff. But, we will tell you all the details of how these events could take place in wedding rooms and remember an unforgettable moment.

100% sanitary measures

Without a doubt, one of the things that should be important for your wedding will be to comply with sanitary measures to take care of everyone. Also, the organizers will have to adapt to the new measures and learn new skills, such as handling food, drinks, and even that can help everyone have the distance. Here, we tell you what will be some sanitary measures that you can include in your wedding.

  • Creativity for sure
    There are many creative ways to take care of all your guests. on your wedding day. Therefore, together with the wedding planner team, they can organize security items such as antibacterial gel, masks, gloves, which can be customized, according to the style of the bride and groom. It should be remembered that the masks will be part of the bride and groom's outfit as well as that of the guests.

  • Strict management of banquets and/or buffets
    Before the pandemic, buffets and banquets were a fundamental part of the party. The guests could be served according to their cravings. But, this panorama has changed. Now, it will be necessary for the staff to serve the dishes, and offer the snacks table by table, to avoid the crowding of guests while serving the plate, and thus avoid manipulation of objects.

  • New measures to avoid crowding
    One of the sanitary measures that will be part of the events will be the distance between the guests. For this reason, new measures and options are being adopted to celebrate the party by areas, that is, that there are several spaces such as dance floors, drinks bar, among others, that allow your guests to move with greater freedom and security.

Change of date for the wedding

Saturdays were the favorite days for a wedding, but since many couples will want to get married after the health emergency is restored, their wedding day will have to be changed. Many bride and groom are opting for the day "Friday" to perform the wedding of their dreams. It should be noted that there must be a previous organization and together both the couple and the organizers.

Choosing to provide a good experience for guests

Although the pandemic has affected many couples, both the couple and the organizers want to provide a good experience for all guests. Some are choosing to do the following ideas:

  • Live broadcasts
    Due to flight restrictions or other regulations, it will be more difficult for your guests to come from everywhere. However, there are many ways to make them feel special on your wedding day. A great alternative is to make live broadcasts, and that all your guests can connect to celebrate with you.

At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we are adapting to this type of broadcast for events and training so that everyone can be present on special dates.

Wedding planning does not stop

Although the pandemic has affected many couples, the organization of weddings has not yet stopped. In fact, many bride and groom have decided to add these new measures to their celebration. In addition, both organizers and couples are coordinating, at a distance and how each detail will be to make that day unforgettable.

Are you looking for where and how to make your wedding?

At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we have special wedding rooms for this special day. In addition, we have the best team to organize and prepare every detail, from the decoration to the buffet. Contact us for more information to plan your wedding.

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