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What is a tourist accommodation service in an exclusive hotel in Lima?

In recent years, Lima has been ranked among the most visited cities worldwide, not only for the diversity it has, also for being the capital and connection to various cities in Peru. Therefore, people from different parts of the world look for a tourist accommodation service, mostly a 5-star hotel. In this blog, we will introduce you to tourist accommodation services in Lima.

What is a tourist accommodation service?

This service refers to the accesses and amenities that a hotel offers for the stay of foreigners, for a tourist, for business events, wedding trips or other. The accommodation services are chosen by the client's decision before a wide proposal, each one with different options and price packages.

What are the comforts provided by this service in an Exclusive hotel?

What differentiates the comforts of an exclusive hotel from another is that your stay will be comfortable. You will have adequate rest, helping your adaptation to be quick and avoiding factors such as culture shock. The amenities that a 5-star hotel usually includes are: Wi-Fi service, Smart TV with digital signal, beds with covers, night lamps, coffeemakers, minibar, iron, ironing board, safe and others according to the hotel. For personal use, these hotels offer comfortable robes, slippers and basic toiletries for the first days of stay.

  • Rooms and Suites

The rooms and suites are equipped, but above all temperate, they have individual air, heating and air conditioning according to the tourist's choice to be regulated according to their comfort zone. On the other hand, inside these rooms you can also find a comfortable and spacious workplace with blackout blinds.

  • Access to entertainment and relaxation spaces

The advantage of requesting services in a 5-star hotel is that these mostly have spaces for the client to enjoy their stay, such as: gym, swimming pool, massages, spa, sauna, among others. This means that visiting a new city will not be synonymous with avoiding relaxing and exercising, on the contrary, you can take advantage of these spaces at your preferred time.

  • Food, gastronomy and related

The 5-star hotels not only offer a gourmet restaurant service, these also include buffet meals, brunch at midday, snacks and access to bakeries, bar and wine lounges. When you decide to visit a new city it is important to take a good gastronomic memory with you, for this reason, the services of exclusive hotels work with experts in the area so that you can enjoy a wide variety of foods.

  • Tourism service

One of the most required services is tourism. Most hotels have exclusive transportation from the place of origin to shopping malls, museums and main attractions. This service will not only allow you to visit tourist areas (temples, parks, views or others, it will also provide security.

The tourist accommodation service in a 5-star hotel provides comfort so that your stay in Lima can be comfortable. The Delfines Center & Convention with its 14 floors assure you views of the lush and green streets, offering the mentioned services and more. This exclusive hotel is located in one of the residential areas of Lima, with nearby destinations to enjoy the nightlife and historical ruins.

Do you want more information about a tourist accommodation in Lima? Contact us, we take care of making your stay unforgettable.


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