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What are the 10 most exclusive restaurants in Lima?

Lima has been recognized as the ‘Gastronomic Capital of Latin America 'for consecutive years and this year wouldn’t be the exception. Proud of that title, we not only offer the best of our Peruvian food in the most exclusive restaurants in Lima, but also a cultural diversity of dishes.

The best restaurants in Lima

These places were chosen as the best restaurants by the general public, international awards and renowned diners. Between Andean mixtures, fusions with oriental influences and from other continents. Today you will know our ranking of the best restaurants in Lima:

This restaurant has its own concept, here you can find the various flavors of Costa, Sierra and Selva. Maras occupied the first place in 2015 with the SUMMUM award, the main event that rewards gastronomic excellence in different categories. It has not only an exquisite variety of dishes, but also modern and cozy environments to access a room for 10 people and enjoy the preparation of your dishes with the chef in front.

Central Restaurant
This exclusive restaurant is located in the Miraflores district and is guided by chef Virgilio Martínez. This place offers various stews with products and supplies that exist in our country. ‘Central’ is not only recognized for its delicious food and cozy atmosphere, it was also awarded as the best Latin American restaurant in 2014. To date it has not disappointed its clients, nor its main tasters.

Huaca Pucllana Restaurant
This restaurant not only has a varied menu, but it also has its own huaca, a main attraction located in the Miraflores district and visited by thousands of tourists. ‘Huaca Pucllana Restaurant’ was awarded by users as one of the best culinary destinations in Lima. If you want an exclusive environment, variety of dishes and appreciate the beauty of Peruvian archeology, this is the right place.

Fiesta Restaurant Gourmet
This restaurant was opened in the 50s, being its main dishes the northern food of Peru. However, over the years it was renovated, being considered today one of the best restaurants in our country. International diners say that the experience inside is cozy and with a very elegant atmosphere.
 Astrid & Gastón: 
It was founded by Gastón Acurio, considered nationally and internationally as one of the best in Peruvian gastronomy. Together with his wife Astrid Gutsche they opened their first store in the center of Miraflores in 1994. When it opened its doors, the theme was French gastronomy. Over the years it has merged with the best of Peruvian food. In 2013, this place won the award for the best restaurant in Latin America by the organization "Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants".

It is located in a house in Barranco. Amoramar has become one of the most luxurious restaurants in Lima. This restaurant offers a varied seafood menu, with traditional flavors of our country, as well as oriental fusions. This place has modern indoor and outdoor environments to enjoy the richest dishes.

This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for Japanese food and fusions. This restaurant is guided by chef Mitsuharu Tsumura. Here, you can find from a delicious nigari to the most delicious and refreshing desserts. Maido is recognized as one of the most exclusive restaurants in Lima. However, it is important to keep in mind that you must reserve a table days or weeks in advance, due to the high demand for its dishes.

The food proposal that Perroquet handles is Peruvian. The best-selling dish is  ‘Lomo Saltado’ and the most required entry is our bandera flag dish ’Ceviche’. In this place, you can experience culinary touches from Novoandinos that have been very outstanding: the quinoa trio, the ravioli stuffed with chicken chili or traditional desserts, such as the Lima tasting. The executives of this restaurant are in charge of reviewing the menu once a year and evaluating the new income. In 2015, it is considered among the 20 best restaurants in Lima. Perroquet has been recently renovated, so it has added touches of modernity to its classic proposal.

This restaurant is located on La Paz Avenue. Spacious, modern and with a great variety of menu from your breakfasts to the last course of the day. ‘Social’ offers international food and Peruvian dishes. If you want to attend an exclusive place with live music, you could have a great experience here.

Delphos Bistró
It is considered one of the best restaurants in Lima. Offers a varied international menu that fuses contemporary and international cuisine with the classics of Peruvian cuisine. This restaurant is perfect because you will not only find delicious dishes from our coast, mountains and jungle. It’s also the perfect restaurant for business meetings, family events or others. Delphos Bistró is located in one of the most exclusive areas in the heart of San Isidro. It’s considered one of the best hotel restaurants and has been noted for its wide variety of buffets that are renewed month by month.

Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, considered one of the 5-star hotel in Lima, not only offers you the best stay, but also the opportunity to enjoy the best national and international dishes in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Lima, Delphos Bistró. Are you interested in our delicious proposal? Would you like to receive more information? Contact us to provide more details of this experience.

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