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Top 5 Business Travel Apps

Business trips are part of elite executives, who must take advantage of technology in order to enjoy the best experiences in the places they plan to visit. Therefore, Delfines Hotel & Convention Center presents in this article a compilation of the five most useful apps to improve your stay, either in Lima or abroad.



This app has extensive information regarding hotels, activities, restaurants, addresses, flights, travelers opinions with photos and relevant data, which allow you to know the place you are visiting in order to better organize your trip. It even contains downloadable guides for some cities, which allows to keep the information of the services, and also the map with the places of interest, with no need of internet connection.



Business tourists who want to keep their time optimized, have the opportunity of making their visit to a city in a much more enjoyable way, as this app has turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, being a useful tool that will allow you to move more easily in an unknown city, while learning more about it. It has more than 90,000 routes in dozens of cities around the world, specializing in the most famous places for whoever wishes to visit them. Likewise, it offers the option of personalized routes.



Getting lost in a city is a familiar feeling for business travelers, who may feel limited by not having a data network or Wi-Fi available for location. Therefore, this app contains excellent offline maps, perfectly well designed and detailed, with images and information on routes and transportation, being totally indispensable when you arrive at an unknown place. Just be sure to download this information before leaving the hotel.



This app is perfect for the most adventurous business traveler interested in immersing in the local culture, as it connects people who share similar interests and passions. It is available in thousands of cities, so you can access it no matter the destination, allowing you to share any activity of interest in a more enjoyable way with those who might be on a business trip, such as hiking, photography, culinary activities, etc.



Traveling for businessusually requires handling a large volume of information starting from the flight, such as the appointment schedules, meeting locations, hotel data, customers to visit, transportation rentals, among other important information. In order to simplify the entire trip organization, Tripit allows to concentrate all these elements in a single management point, which is a great lifesaver for many executives, who seek to optimize their itinerary without major concerns.

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