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Tips on how to choose a good travel insurance

One of the movements of today's active life is travel. Whether executives who are looking for new business or closing international deals, or families who want to go sightseeing or relax, are within the great flow of people who transit between borders and distant lands. 

Therefore, a travel insurance is necessary and even more so if you travel frequently. However, not all people take this option as something serious, and in many cases is for lack of information about the importance of this service.

Consequently, Delfines Hotel & Convention Center has prepared some tips for choosing the best travel insurance and learning more about its relevance: 

First of all, it is emphasized that travel insurance is essential for everyone and that should be part of the agenda, as well as the accommodation and transportation tickets.

Why? When travellingto faraway countries to negotiate or have fun, it should be taken into account that emergencies can occur anywhere, being completely apart from your family or friends. Therefore, an insurance allows you to have a more comprehensive health coverage. 

On the other hand, depending on the country of origin and destination, laws may stipulate according to the travel requirements that insurance cover the three main coverages: health, repatriation and cancellation.

Health coverage is the most important, since it offers quality health and enormous savings in costs that can be prevented with a proper insurance, and even more so if you are not aware of the healthcare costs in other countries.

In case of repatriation or cancellation of the trip, these insurances simply cover the expenses in the event of having to return to the country of origin due to an emergency, or the temporary or permanent suspension of the trip due to any incident.

However, when buying an insurance, you must first consider the type of trip you are going to make, since there are big differences between a tourist trip and a business trip, or even a relaxing cruise. Similarly, you should be informed about the insurance laws in the country you are going to visit.

Then, depending on the trip, the three main characteristics should be observed, and different agencies should be consulted, emphasizing the level of coverage their insurance has, as well as its costs, in order to value the options and choose the most comfortable and peaceful trip.

A very important recommendation is to get an insurance that can be used immediately in case of emergency, avoiding expenses in advance if you do not have the necessary amount, as well as the cumbersome reimbursement procedure that can take much longer.

Finally, although depending on the coverage, travel insurance can be expensive sometimes, its importance should not be underestimated, as the services it covers would be significantly more expensive without insurance. 

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