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How to organize a successful event : 10 tips to guarantee it

Many companies and people wonder how to organize a successful event, but the answer is not simple. To carry out one is not an easy task, and it becomes even more complicated when it is of great magnitude like the ones usually hold in the facilities of Delfines Hotel & Convention Center. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of 10 key steps to consider when planning an event in order to achieve a successful meeting.

1. Organizing ideas

The main thing when organizing an event is to write the whole action plan on paper, analyzing the meeting objectives, seeking to observe step by step the important details needed, such as the type of room, number of guests, location of all elements, activity schedule, etc.  In this way, you can play moving each of the options and have an optimized planning.


2. Budget

Budget problems are often a headache when you don't have full information about everything that will be part of the event. Therefore, the previous point is important, setbacks are avoided and there is enough space to set and derive the necessary budget for hiring speakers, meals, transfers, and even save capital for unforeseen events. It would be ideal to know how much budget you have, and raise it through sponsors.  To make it possible, always having the time in favor, risks will be minimized. As you can see this is one of the crucial steps on how to organize a social event.


3. Choosing spaces

Choosing which room will be used to organize the event requires a lot of attention, as you must consider the capacity, access, accessible cost and of course if it has the characteristics needed for the event. Depending on the type of event, the best options should be observed in order to optimize the space required, including taking into account each meter available for stands, space for coffee break or accreditations, chairs, etc. Location is an additional point. Likewise, having a guide design of the place in the invitation is very useful for the attendees.


4. Resources

Depending on the event, certain technological resources are required. Delfines Hotel & Convention Center provides the ultimate to carry out successful presentations and conferences. However, it is important to inform if you will need any special equipment to avoid any eventuality, and of course, make the necessary tests to ensure that everything works properly.


5. Measuring time

All organizers should consider how long their event will last, based on this the food and coffee break services will depend. Likewise, the time intervals between exhibitors and the duration of their presentations. An additional point is to leave enough space for attendees to build relationships and relax.


6. Staff in charge

Large and small events depend on trained staff to meet all needs. This should also be part of the action plan, as there must be enough time to hire the number of people who know about the event and can have a good performance.


7. Protocol base

Protocol knowledge is essential to organize a successful event. However, in our facilities, we have personnel trained to raise the organizing level and for each different occasion. It is important to be guided by those who have experience in the field and have assistance in choosing important details such as decoration, lighting, format, functionality and formality.


8. Recreation

A point that, like the others, will generate great advantages for the future among the attendees. Depending on the type of event, it can become difficult for attendees to keep pace, especially if it is a full day event. Therefore, the type of recreational activities should be considered to entertain several moments and serve as an incentive to improve the experience and make it unforgettable. The more creative you can be; the more successful results you will have.


9. Informing

It is essential to inform attendees of the timing and form of the event. Whether in invitations or through digital media such as social networks or email, and this should be well in advance, allowing everyone to make their own organization and not miss anything.


10. Security

Finally, it must be verified that the chosen room complies with all safety standards in case of any unforeseen event. The care of all those who are present is part of the organization and of course the attention, accessibility to people with disabilities is something determining when choosing, resulting in a successful meeting.

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