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Covid Free Hotels: the new trend for hotels in the world

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Currently, the hotel sector in Peru and in the world has been affected, after the paralysis of its services to the general public due to Covid-19. However, during this time, it has been possible to analyze and create new protocols that allow it to launch its hospitality services to all its clients. In fact, there is a new trend, which is being eye-catching by many customers. These are the Covid Free Hotels, which seek to create coronavirus-free environments.

The new trend, "Covid Free Hotels" was born as a commercial strategy among the large hotel chains in Europe, who sought to encourage tourism among the tourist places on the continent. And it has been able to attract the attention of many clients, who are looking for accommodation, rooms for events, among other services. But we will detail what this new strategy is about.

Cleaning and hygiene to the maximum

Within the new trend "Covid Free Hotels", cleaning and hygiene take the main focus of attention for hotel chains in the world. Guests will be able to find more hand sanitizers, less furniture in common spaces, posters that indicate keeping distance, among other elements that will allow taking care of everyone's safety and health. 

In fact, there will be new habits that customers will have to adapt to for their well-being. For example, if customers used to prepare or serve their own food, this would have to change for room service, or choose to bring the plate to the customer at the restaurant table, thus avoiding the manipulation of objects.

Therefore, within this strategy, new security protocols will be seen. Among them, it frequently involves cleaning both inside and outside the hotel.

Using the smartphone for records

Now, the use of smartphones will double because some hotels have chosen to carry out all the registration, reservation, ordering and even procedures, it will be the "key" to enter the room. But how will this new measure work?

To avoid contact with the manipulation of objects during registration at reception or with room keys, it has been implemented to use text messages or emails, which confirm your reservation at the hotel. Once you are on premises, registration will be much faster. In addition, new software is being implemented to serve as a key to enter the room.

Protection of clients and collaborators to the maximum

Without a doubt, the protection of both clients and collaborators has been increasing because the primary focus of this new trend is to ensure the health of all. So, the future of hotels in the world will be governed by maximum protection, both in cleaning rooms and suites, common spaces, frequent hand washing, disinfection, use of masks, among other aspects that will help to have spaces free of the virus. 

How are we working at Delfines Hotel & Convention Center?

At Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we are taking care of everyone's safety and health. For this reason, we have also implemented measures that will help all our clients feel more secure. All our rooms and suites go through a disinfection process, and all the common and outdoor spaces of the hotel go through a frequent cleaning regime during the day. Contact us to enjoy a warm experience in our facilities.

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