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10 tourist places in Lima that you should discover

Visiting a new country brings with it the opportunity to discover a wide variety of tourist attractions. The experience of a trip is a great opportunity. Therefore, it is recommended to take full advantage, visit new places and learn about its history. A vacation trip could be the excuse to travel new paths, however, a business trip should not be the exception.

The capital of Peru is located as one of the most visited cities in the list of ‘52 places to travel in 2020’. Tourists come from different parts of the world, not only for the various activities to be carried out, but also for the main tourist places in tourist places in Lima that they can find. It is important to evaluate not only the most significant attractions, but also what a hotel service could offer you and how it could be of benefit on the tour you take.

What kind of tourist places can be found in Lima?

The City of Kings shows us beautiful churches, monasteries, archaeological sites and squares that stand out for their great variety of mix of traditional with modern. In the tourist places in Lima you can also appreciate the large beaches with wide piers, since we have the exit to the Pacific Ocean.

Tourist places and main attractions

The list is big, however, today we present you the 10  tourist places in Lima most visited by our travelers:

The Cathedral of Lima and the Plaza de Armas
We begin this list with the social, political and religious heart of the city. This is one of the main attractions that you must visit due to the great history that it has had since its foundation in 1535. It is considered by many people to be one of the most beautiful squares due to its colonial style and the main shreds that lead you to it.
The Cathedral and the Plaza de Lima are two of the most important buildings in the country, denoting the beauty of its balconies, facades and structure. At the same time, it shares proximity with the Government Palace, the Municipal Palace, the Union Club, the Archbishop's Palace and others.

The Plaza San Martín
If you are in the Cathedral of Lima, it is impossible not to visit the Plaza de Armas, since it is located only a few blocks away. This place was inaugurated in 1921, to celebrate the centenary of the independence of our country with our liberator José de San Martín, who has his own representative statue in this place. This attraction is quite large and is surrounded by neocolonial style buildings and light colors. The Colón theater and the Bolívar hotel will show you a great view of this square.

Huaca Pucllana
This archaeological zone is located in the Miraflores district. This pyramid is considered to be made of adobe bricks and is approximately 22 meters high. In the past sacrifices and sacred ceremonies were celebrated for the gods of the Sea and the Moon, it reached its maximum splendor towards the 5th century. Huaca Pucllana offers you an opportunity to also explore the typical flora and fauna of our country and an exhibition hall that go through new findings. It is the right place if you want to know more about the history and culture of this beautiful city.

Larco Museum
The Rafael Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum displays an interesting exhibition in an old hacienda from the 18th century, with patios full of flowers. It is one of the tourist places in Lima preferred by tourists for its large collection of archaeological objects that collects impressive jewelry and textiles. Likewise, this museum has a good restaurant in case the visit took a long time. The Larco museum is a private institution, created in 1926 by Rafael Larco Hoyle and is located in the Pueblo Libre district, very close to the city center.

Lima Art Museum
This museum that is located within the Exhibition Park and was built between the years 1870 and 1871. Its large European-style iron columns are admired by tourists, making it one of the main spaces for photography. You can also stroll through its beautiful gardens and appreciate the statues located, have a relaxing moment or attend an event in the center and conventions.

Reserve Park
It is known as the Water Park for the great sources that distinguish it. This park has 8 hectares of a neoclassical style, it is located near the center of the city and on the way to other attractions located in Miraflores or Barranco. This attraction was inaugurated in the 1920s and is open three times a day to its public, however the night function is the most requested. This latest schedule shows a show with colored lights, shapes inside the largest fountain and lots of music. This is the option indicated if you want a fun and refreshing moment, tasting the most representative Lima desserts and dishes such as mazamorras, picarones and why not, the anticuchos..

The Bridge of Sighs
It is not only considered one of the best tourist places in Lima, but also one of the most romantic. The Bridge of Sighs is located in the Barranco district and joins Ayacucho and Ermita streets. This place became one of the best known after a composition by the great Chabuca Granda by dedicating part of a theme to it. If it is on your list and it is the first time you visit it, we recommend practicing the legend that characterizes it, make a wish and cross the bridge without breathing, so that it will be granted.

The Pachacamac Archaeological Sanctuary
What differentiates the Pachacamac district is that here you can see the customs, traditions, dances and culture that characterize the inhabitants. In the archaeological sanctuary you can see the Temple of the Sun and the Acllahuasi, the Stone of Love and the Spring of Youth. If what you prefer is to have an adventure visit, you can rock climb or go mountain biking and to finish the tour you can taste a tourist dish in the restaurant located inside the museum. Without a doubt you will be shocked by the nature that you will notice on the way to this Sanctuary.

Love Park
This park has a great view towards the green coast, it is located in the Cisneros viewpoint, located in the Miraflores district. Its name is a representation that was inaugurated on the Day of Love and Friendship in 1993. If you want to spend a very relaxing moment with your partner or friends, you should visit it and take a photograph. Most tourists visiting this attraction are impressed not only by the park's coloring, but also by the popular statue of two young men kissing, hugging each other in a very unique way. Very close to this place are parks such as the Book Park, the lighthouse of the Navy and a Shopping Center known as es Larcomar. You will be able to have an impressive view and perhaps be encouraged when watching extreme sports like paragliding.

Green Coast
The beaches of Costa Verde are found throughout various districts of the city of Lima such as, San Miguel, La Marina, Miraflores, Chorrillos and others. Here you can relax and spend a moment of tranquility observing and entering the beautiful beach that leads to the Pacific Ocean. Likewise, it is the right place to enjoy typical food and the richest fish and seafood in its many restaurants. If what you like is adventure, you can surf in the great waves of its beaches, with the respective care.

The list is short when talking about the main tourist places in Lima, however, what will make your stay the most pleasant is that it is within your hotel service. It is important to consult prior to the tourist visits that each place entails so that you can fully enjoy everything that they offer you.

Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center offer you complete packages and advice on the main tourist places in Lima so that during your stay you get to know the best of the capital. Located in a strategic place it will be accessible to you to visit each one of them and get the full benefit. Would you like to receive more information about the hotel service and the main tourist places that you can visit? Contact us, we will make your trip unique and unforgettable.


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