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10 reasons to celebrate your wedding in special rooms at Hotel Los Delfines

This year has been affecting the events sector around the world, canceling and / or postponing important celebrations such as weddings. However, during this time, many couples are still planning their wedding to make it as they dreamed it. For these couples, a wedding is a special and unique day. But behind this celebration, there is an arduous planning that consists of the decoration, buffet, among other factors. One of the main points to evaluate is the lesson of the place to celebrate and you should bear in mind that there are places for weddings venues that have the complete package.

Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center offers unique benefits that will make this offer the most attractive, not only because of the large space it offers, but also because it will provide you with complete services so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a beautiful date. Discover with us the best wedding rooms and how Los Delfines and specialized staff will help you organize your wedding.

The best places at your disposal

Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center offers you the best rooms for events according to the number of guests you take into account and the decoration you plan.

  • Mediterráneo Ballroom: With a maximum capacity of 880 people, this ballroom is ideal if you have a large number of guests and plan to organize a wedding. The decoration in this room can be with the theme that you and your partner choose, the Delfines Hotel & Convention Center will provide you with the facilities to use each space.

  • Atlantis: On the other hand, Atlantis has a capacity of 130 guests if you want a celebration that is not very large but sophisticated. This room has a great panoramic view to fill it with natural light and give a special touch to your event.
  • Foyer Lounge: This venue is illuminated and carpeted, ideal for an important celebration. Its 3 meters high and its 190.8 m area are enough to develop your wedding and celebration with those you love.
  • Oppian Salon: It has a maximum capacity of 100 people if you want to have close family and friends. However, not because it is a place with less dimensions does not mean that it is not appropriate.

Other rooms such as Neptuno, Tritón or an own terrace adjust to the number of guests with whom you want to share this special date.

Rooms available for the preparation of the bride and groom

The hotel has a special room the bride and groom. This service will allow you to take the first photos and videos for an unforgettable memory. You can arrive hours before, leave the suitcase and start enlisting with the people closest to you. The hotel will be at your disposal offering you meals at the door of your room. For this special day, there are rooms, however, there are special suites for you to spend the first minutes of the day in total relaxation. Best of all, you will be steps from the venue for the last details and above all to attend your special event.


Worried about finding the right person to run your wedding? Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center offers you the indicated entertainment program, with a person in charge who will animate your wedding. It is essential to have a pleasant organization and of total enjoyment.

Audiovisual equipment

Sound, audio, microphones and other audiovisual equipment will be at your disposal. The team in charge of the hotel will carry out the respective tests and facilities so that they are fully operational on the day of the event.

Dance floors and decoration

Pergolas, awnings, tarps and others are important to fill the room according to the colors you choose. The dance floor, lights, rebounds and other implements will enhance your prominence from the beginning of your wedding, to the waltz and the final closing. For this reason, the professional team will help you so long-awaited celebration takes place in a bright and elegant setting.

Buffets and personalized menus

A la carte dishes and buffet service at your disposal. This exclusive hotel has the best restaurant service and unlimited food so you do not have to worry about this service. A select cocktail for the toast or the complete celebration is a must. The staff indicated for the preparation and tasting of your food will be at your disposal.

Furniture service

Save time searching for tables, chairs and other furniture for the event. You only have to indicate the quantity and according to your tastes you will be helped to choose the indicated implements. The service includes the request of the same as the complete installation so you do not have to worry.

Flower arrangements

The flowers will stand out not only in your room, but also as part of the decoration, giving a special color to the living room. Experts will be in charge of making the largest and most beautiful flower arrangements, as well as the bouquet.

Guest accommodation

It is important to care about those who share this special day with you. Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center offers you rooms so that you can enjoy this day in peace without having to take the car or leave before finishing the celebration. On the other hand, if you have guests who come from abroad they will have no problem looking for accommodation without having to move from one place to another.

Packages for your wedding night

The last point, but not the least important. Your first wedding night will be unforgettable as you will have the comfortable room of your choice to spend a relaxing and intimate moment after a great celebration. This package includes:

  • One night of accommodation.
  • Buffet breakfast at Delphos Bistro or "Just Married" breakfast in the room
  • Two welcome cocktails "Mr. & Mrs” in Oceanus Lounge
  • Lunch or dinner at Delphos Bistro
  • Bottle of cava, petit fours and nuts in the room
  • Decoration with candles and petal path in the room
  • Welcome gift
  • Foam bath service upon request
  • Aromatherapy set
  • Access to our exclusive Executive Lounge
  • Newspaper of the day in the room
  • Use of the gym, heated pool, dry sauna and steam sauna
  • Complimentary Parking

Celebrate your wedding during the pandemic

Despite the pandemic, many couples decided to continue with their marriage plans, without mass celebration or a holiday as they were dreaming of. A new alternative is to celebrate 'mini weddings', a more intimate but special holiday. At Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center, we have select rooms for events, where you can enjoy an unforgettable day, next to those closest to you.

Are you looking for venues for your wedding next year?

Celebrate your wedding at Los Delfines Hotel & Convention Center and forget about complications. Enjoy your wedding and enjoy the services that are at your disposal.Its spectacular wedding venues and professional team will ensure that you enjoy the event to the fullest.Are you worried about how to organize a wedding? Contact us to reserve one of the best venues for weddings and make this date unforgettable.



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